This is our Manifest, english version, compliments from our friend Vivian Alves. By the way, in Portuguese, Quintal means Backyard.

Think globally, act locally. Coined in 1969 by David Brower, founder of the environmental NGO Friends of the Earth, this concept was spread throughout the world and today has almost become a slogan for the third sector. The idea is that we need to understand the whole, but act considering the particularities of the means. Well, what is more local then our backyard? This little peace of our planet. Closer, more nostalgic, more palpable. It´s in the backyard that we begin to do our part.

We live in a country where what’s public is nobody´s. And we forget that what´s public is actually ours – it´s yours. We forget that living in society means taking care of the common. Quintal is not only the backyard of the place where we grew up, a private place in the world, full of remembrance. Quintal is the street where we used to ride our bike, play football or hide and seek. Quintal is the public and the private, is thinking of both. Because the difference between public and private is that the first is not only yours or mine. It’s everyone´s.

Sustainability is a serious thing, but enough of facing it as a burden. We need to have fun, smile. We need to inspire and be inspired. Sustainability is not easy, but is good. That´s why we created this Quintal. A blog/portal/ collaborate website/home of our ideas on creating a better world. Quintal is our space, where we declare our intentions of fighting for a fairer society. If before we had this small initiative, the Bamboo Blog, now we decided that we need to grow: so Quintal is born. A space of ideas. And here, yours are very much welcome. Participate, collaborate. Make a difference too. After all, what is public, is yours.


Our values

We believe in:

– Publishing checked information only and with proper sources. If that is not possible, we will make it clear to you.

– Using only Creative Commons images or of public domain: we will not infringe authors’ right. If you have any problem with a picture we used from you, say it and we´ll remove it.

– Speaking out loud. Our space is an open one, so you can discuss. But we only post what we believe in. If you don’t agree with us, leave a comment. It will be welcome as long as it doesn’t have any advertising purpose or offense to any person. Try and make constructive criticism so we can learn from it: we don’t know it all.

– Reporting what is wrong. If you saw wrong doing and want to do something about it, tell us. But try to take pictures and gather proof of what you saw. Because no one here wants to be unfair.

– Supporting initiatives. Exactly the opposite of what’s in the item above value.

– Collaborating. We don’t want to create antagonism, because it’s harder to build anything when the parts don’t understand each other. The public space is a space of discussion and everyone has its rights and different opinions. In that case, we will try to always be fair and create solutions that satisfies (contemplates) everyone.


The picture is my dad’s courtesy, who took it when I was one year old.

Quintal is

Vitor Leal

Social Communicator graduated at USP (in Advertising, who would guess!), he is tired of watching a world that doens´t work properly. Post-graduate student in Sustainability Management at FGV, cyclist as often as possible, he loves tecnology, innovation e great design – but doesn´t care for planned obsolescence. He believes a person can change the World, and that leadership is done by example. If you want to contact him, e-mail at vitor(at)


Renata Corrêa is a movie maker and talks to plants. She doesn´t use any plastic bags and has a great fear that the ocean might become a deposit of strapless Havaianas For her literature, you may want to visit Letra Preta (in portuguese).

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