The cup of the moon

This is Jeane Callegari´s first post, journalist who wrote an excellent article about bike in Sampa to Época Magazine and who wants to collaborate here at the blog as much as possible. Check it out. Vitor Leal At first, it seemed scary. At first, it looked like it would not work, that it would leak, … Continue reading

There’s no such thing as throwing away

About a year ago we wrote a post named “Know how to throw away”. The idea, at that time, was to discuss recycling and how important it is to know what to do with materials such as cooking oil and batteries. But now it is time to tell the naked truth: there´s no such thing … Continue reading

Notes from a Freecycler

About six months ago, I decided to learn first hand what the Freecycle Network is all about. For those who don´t know, Freecycle is an initiative created in 2003 by a guy from Arizona, Deron Beal. Helping an NGO that recycles materials in his hometown, he noticed that objects in perfect conditions often ended up … Continue reading

Give gifts, not garbage

I´ve been looking for alternatives to wrap up my gifts for a while. At first, I stopped wrapping them at all. That made people look at me in a very strange way.  This look didn´t actually bother me. What bothered me was the lack of surprise which, I believe, is the best part about giving … Continue reading