The cup of the moon

Picture is a courtesy of katutaide via Flickr

Pictur courtesy of katutaide via Flickr

This is Jeane Callegari´s first post, journalist who wrote an excellent article about bike in Sampa to Época Magazine and who wants to collaborate here at the blog as much as possible.

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Vitor Leal

At first, it seemed scary. At first, it looked like it would not work, that it would leak, it would hurt. I am talking about my MoonCup, a menstrual cup. The idea is to collect menstrual fluid in a sort of cup, that can be washed and reused for years and years to come.

I discovered it a while ago, on Thais Saito´s blog. Bitten by the bug of sustainability and hating the idea of disposing, every month, a dozen tampons, I was searching for some more ecologic system, with less waste. On Thais´ blogs, I discovered some alternatives, such as the towel tampon and sponges. But the option which interested me the most was the cup.

I followed Thais’ tips and ordered the Moon Cup. New version of The Keeper, which was made of latex and caused allergies in some women, the MoonCup is made of medical grade silicone and or shouldn’t cause any allergic reactions. As they are not available in the Brazilian market yet, I ordered thru the company´s website. The price seemed bitter: at the time, I’ve paid 35 dollars plus 2 for posting. Considering, on the other hand, that the idea was to use it for a long time, I thought it was worth the investment, and that the cost would be spread thru the months.Indeed it seemed bulky, strange, and too much likely to make a big mess.

Last week I tested it for the first time. In the end the experiment turned out ok. First you need to get in the ways of doing it: you have to squeeze it, fold it in half and only then insert it. To anyone who is used to tampons, it´s not that hard to get it. And once you learn it, it won’t leak. Yes, it’s amazing. It really doesn’t leak. Even after 35k ridding a bike.

Reuse it, you need to empty the cup, wash it with running water and put it back in. That’s it. When you’re done with your period, just wash it with some soap and water, let it dry and store it in its original package.

And what about confort? Well, depending on the position, you notice it’s there. But that doesn’t become a big problem; it’s a matter of ways you manipulate it and getting used to it. Normally, adjusting it to the correct position, further from the entrance of your vagina, should solve the issue.

Now, the stem, that part that stays out and substitutes the lash of the O.B., bothers a little, it’s kind of too long. But it’s possible to cut a piece, and then everything is perfect. You cannot cut it all though, otherwise it will be hard to get it out. (I imagine that the stem system will evolve over time: they should come up with something softer or rounded. Meanwhile, cutting solves it.)

There it is. Not too many secrets: it works. And it’s worth it. You can deal with your period without using disposable materials every month and, better yet, without having to use the “washable towels” from our grandma’s time. It’s the tampon of the future. The only thing that’s missing is someone to bring it to Brazil.


Besides the MoonCup, there are also other versions, like the Diva Cup (let’s face it: there’s no better name than this one).

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