There’s no such thing as throwing away

About a year ago we wrote a post named “Know how to throw away”. The idea, at that time, was to discuss recycling and how important it is to know what to do with materials such as cooking oil and batteries.
But now it is time to tell the naked truth: there´s no such thing as throwing away, people! And this is one of the main reasons why we find ourselves in the situation we are today. In the past, the planet “barred” it all. It was infinite. It could not get all dirty because there was always a way to escape further to the West. The river received our garbage and took it far away: to the sea. And everyone know that the Earth is a water planet (at least in its surface).
But then, we colonized pretty much the whole world. And reproduced very very fast. Think of an aquarium (you probably visited one already). We were three fishes who lived in this big aquarium and thought there was no way we could get it dirty. But we continued reproducing so much that now we are 300 fishes in this small glassy boss. Got the picture?
This implies that the myth of throwing away has to be completely forgotten. Lavoisier Law said, back in XVIII century, that in nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. As the Earth is not endless, what we do is not throwing away. We simply get the residues (trash is not a good name for this, because it sounds like something with no use) and throw it outside our houses. Then, we spend the whole day out and what do we bring in? Bread? No, more residues to our homes. And everything starts back again. There´s no end.
But what´s wrong with this way of facing things? It´s simple: as people think they can throw things away, they also don´t think twice when they want to get rid of undesired things, not even considering its destiny. If you got rid of something useless in your house, it means there´s free space in your house, and you can buy something else. As you think, in this current distorted vision, that the thing you threw away is gone forever, it means there´s no problem. Except that it really means landfills, natural resources being used as if they were- how can I say it- infinite. Out of sight, Out of mind.
So you went to the bathroom, did number two, and what then? Just flush. Your dejects go away and know the problem is solved, you don´t even have to worry. Someone will take care of it. But it doesn´t always have a place to go. This entity “someone” doesn´t always solve your problems. There´s some paper in your car? Throw it in the street, this way it won´t get your car dirty… But the street is yours, I´m sorry to say. What´s public, I repeat, is yours!
I´m sorry to give you a cold shower (or you might even know about that already). But the fact is it´s essential that we all know what we are dealing with. To know that what you buy or throw away has consequences. So stop and think when you buy something. Reduce your consumption. And stop throwing away as if there was no problem. And do not use other people´s dust as an excuse. Or do you like it when someone enters your house and spit on the floor?
Anyway, I´ll tell you in advance: the next posts won´t be for those of weak heart. They´ll probably mess with people´s egos. This is due to the launch of a new session: the Red Pill. Welcome to the desert of the real </Morpheus>.


Picture courtesy of enricopalombaro via Flickr.


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