Give gifts, not garbage

I´ve been looking for alternatives to wrap up my gifts for a while. At first, I stopped wrapping them at all. That made people look at me in a very strange way.  This look didn´t actually bother me. What bothered me was the lack of surprise which, I believe, is the best part about giving someone a present.

So I started to study other possibilities. My brother, for example, wrapped all of his Christmas presents with old magazine pages, which is good because, in a way, reuses something that wouldn’t be useful anymore. He did more: in order to make it special, as opposed to simple, he always chose magazines that had some sort of connection with the giftee. It was like a piece of the relationship between the two of them.

But come on – let´s be realistic: as Christmas gifts for people close to you, all this effort makes sense. But we don´t always have time for that. So I continued with my policy of avoiding gift wrapping my presents.

Then, last week, I had an insight. Why not use packages that can be reusable? It can be a box, that can later be a jewel box. It can be a fabric bag or TNT, which will turn into a shoe-bag. Discussing the idea, a friend gave me an even better one: pass it forward! She said she already received a package with this direction: Pass it forward. She told me she was the third receiver and, from what she heard, the package reached at least 7 people. It sums up to a minimum of 6 disposable packages avoided.

Use magazines, newspapers. Choose reusable boxes. Pass it forward. Don´t wrap it, be creative. Do what you think is more applicable, but avoid at maximum to buy wrapping paper just so someone can tear it and throw it out. The important thing is think it thru and do something about it.

More about reuse and turning catalogs and magazines into packages (as the one above) click here.


Picture courtesy of madhatrk via Flickr. How-to here.


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